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The Journey

In April of 1974, at the age of 19, my life took a dramatic shift in direction when I died in a car accident, then in January of 1978, I was transported into another realm, within the sacred veil, where I experienced the Liquid Love of my Father. It was in me, around me and all through me. It was like what the mystics of old would refer to as ecstasy. To me, being in such a love as this was the state of well-being.

Yes! I was home!
    The Father began to give me revelation of the Cross and of His Kingdom. Again, I experienced a series of visitations from the Lord. He told me 
to meet Him outside the gate, that is, beyond the control systems of the matrix. His declaration, "You will Know (be intimately acquainted with) the Truth and it will make you free," became a series of revelations He gave me as I became like a scribe writing these manuals called The Bridge. For me, this process is The Journey Back to My Future and into the ecstasy of my King, my Lord, my Beloved. Jesus then said to me, "Go and tell them that I am Alive." This declaration set in motion my Journey from carnality to Spirit. A path I continue on climbing up Jacobs Ladder into The Father's Heart and like Paul of old trying to apprehend that which is apprehending me.

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