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The Journey

 On this Journey we will be traveling far to a place that is near by; and once we are there , you will realize that we've actually been here all along.


" Grace is a place where you experiance a power because you have met a person."


That person is the Lord Jesus, the King of Grace and Glory. The power is the incomprehensible influence of His redeeming presence in all things, at all times.

And the place of Grace is everywhere humble men and women live freely to do God's Will fully. 

The Pure in Heart will See God

All the Earth is crammed with Heaven every bush aflame with the fire of God, but only thoes that see take off their shoes, the rest just pick the berries.

True faith is seeing Him and abiding in Him, 

There are no cheap substitutes or easy Formulas.

           The View from Here

The View.jpeg

                   May 20th  /2024  Podcast      

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